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For the Birds: Introduction to Marduk the Giant

Updated: May 26

Molten gold rained down from the sky. Shimmering brighter as it cooled, the precious shards ripped through trees while birds and flying creatures shrieked and scattered aimlessly through the barrage. The ground steamed and hissed as the moist forest floor became littered with alien precipitation. The sun shown down in new places and laid its light upon a mesmerizing scene of momentary awe.

As the creatures swirled around looking for safety, a sudden blueish beam of light crackled and hummed, followed by a roar of steel, heat, and light. Two ships screeched a few meters above the tree line, the proximity heat of the beam decimated one unfortunate sparrow, but hit its mark melting the right thruster engine of the hunted sentry. Smoke violently plumed and the sentry began to spin. A being attached to its seat ejected immediately and made a controlled hover to the planets surface. The boom shook the trees as the ship knotted up into a ravine of pines.

Running out of shield power due to the heavy maneuvers and the sky shrapnel.

Marduk made a sharp circle scanning for the Reptilian. His thermal radar was glitching but could not risk the enemy escaping. Knowing the cold bloods, he knew that they didn’t create a warm enough heat signature and with the area already heated from the gold, it would prove more difficult. Marduk saw a glimpse of the seat’s booster as it disappeared below several hundred meters away. He slammed his thruster toggle and swiftly landed while simultaneously jumping out weapon drawn. He quickly scanned 360 degrees before finding cover behind a boulder. The metal rain had stopped. Marduk looked to the sky. Emotions crept over him as a large battle raged over his home. He had to find the Rep quickly so he could go help his brothers and sisters.

Distance echoes of branches breaking and a machine whirring, Marduk made his way swiftly to the source. Coming to a clearing the Rep landed but knew he was being followed. Marduk flung his diamond sword spearing into the seat inches from the Reps head. He beckoned his blade back with his gravitational mech on his wrist. He and the blade became one. The Rep rapidly fired his pistol at the young prince as he rolled and parried a few rounds, disintegrating against a blade of pure will. Marduk gracefully swung cutting the pistol in half, showering both warriors with the fuel to power the weapon. Both were on fire as the Rep pulled out a collapsible spear. Before he could get one blow in, Marduk tomahawked his edge splitting the Reps chest cavity open through his armor.

Blue blood erupted, spattering the prince’s golden crest plate and putting out some of the fire. The smell of burning scales and flesh riddled the air as the flames went out.

Under his breath the Rep managed a grunt. “You're r-royalty.” Skin peeled from his face.

Kneeling to the level of the dying scaled creature Marduk wiped his blade on a purple shawl. He had never encountered or spoken to a Rep before. Although studying their culture for years as a child, hearing one speak was unexpected. “What’s it to you, demon?”

“Your kingdom...Aaahhrgg, will soon fall.” He spat and coughed smiling with a liquid wheezing noise.

“A little confident for a dying voice.” Marduk stood up letting his enemy bleed out. “Why are you attacking us?"

“Young sire. It is not us that will be your doom. We w-will all sssuccumb to the dark.”

Marduk was growing impatient. He had to get back to his ship. “What is your


“The lost children, on your grand f-father’s mining planet” he winced in pain and tried to adjust his broken body.

Marduk held his blade to the Reps throat. “Who’s children and what planet? There were many mined.” Confused, he backed away as he heard a reinforcement horn bellow from his family’s castle. Was he telling the truth or was this a diversion?

The Reps eyes were starting to glaze over as the moisture ducts dried. Explosions rumbled above as Marduk quickly glanced up eager to continue his mission. He dialed his wrist mech to start his ship and turned to leave him scoffing in disgust. Marduk had a rush of anger flood him. His morning that had been so peaceful had been shattered by the sirens of the city. A portal had opened above the outskirts flooding the sky with warships blasting the planet’s solar shield. Nanostructures light enough to float in the atmosphere connected a golden mesh to block the solar flares. As the attack followed, firepower had hit a section of the shield, instantly melting the infrastructure.

His ship creaked overhead, and he climbed into the cockpit with auto fasteners securing around his chest. His shawl was singed from the pistol exploding. Just had this cleaned. He swiftly set his controls and rose the ship out of the brush back to his allies. As the leaves settled from the whirlwind, so did the birds to feast upon lizard flesh.

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