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First Contact: Render and Marduk's conversation.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The sun had set, and the temperature was beginning to drop rapidly. The blood on the bandages of Render’s wound was dried and cracking, pulling his leg hairs as his muscles flexed as he sat down under a tree. He winced in pain as he took a deep breath. Pulling a canteen out of his pack, he drank. He breathed out a sigh of temporary relief and gratitude. Marduk’s towering figure came up the hill carry his own pack and a purple blanket over his shoulder. He traveled for a grueling six miles through the sharp terrain while carrying the wounded human. The Reptilian acolytes had nearly found the dead body of their captain that

Render managed blow up with a magnetic grenade. If it hadn’t been for the distraction of Marduk’s ship entering the atmosphere near their camp, the acolytes would have eventually found their slain officer and Render shortly after. Despite the squad being wiped out by the cannons of the Anunnaki ship and Render’s luck, the duo had other problems to deal with. Word would soon spread throughout the ranks of the Reptilian army, but that meant it would also spread to the resistance, sparking hope and morale.

"Thank you." Render managed to sit up and break the silence, looking up at the vivid starry sky.

Marduk’s glowing opal face shifted to a soft pink, orange hue, then hints of bluish green sapphire. “You must rest human, for our journey is far from over.”

His voice had an electric hum, fluid and vibrant, for he had no mouth to speak with. It was coming straight from his consciousness into crystal creating sound. Render was perplexed, for this was not how he thought his first alien contact would have gone. And yet, he wasn’t entirely sure he was actually in a dream or dead. He wasn’t entirely sure the being was flesh and blood or machine either. The glowing face was like nothing he had ever seen except in past psychedelic trips, but even that idea hadn’t been ruled out just yet, due to the nature of his current situation of being in the presence of an alien armored giant and fighting lizard soldiers.

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