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Essay (Non peer reviewed, not quite complete.)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Mapping the Theory of Organic Carbon-based Consciousness Evolving into a Predominantly Silicon Cyberspace Consciousness Reality Using a Stereographic Torus.


Proposing a theory that the ratio of carbon-based consciousness on Earth will be flipped by a new silicon-based consciousness due to the technological advances of humanity and the possibility of the collective consciousness being warped by factors of war, famine, lack of resources, worldwide catastrophe.

The psychology of man and the evolution of ego from the results of higher technological advances may play a pivotal role for the fate of humanity and fellow carbon-based lifeforms. Will man figure out a way to preserve consciousness by finding a different element to host? This paper will utilize an unorthodox way of telling time by using a horn torus model with works cited from Wolfgang Däumler and Dirk K. F. Meijer to reference such concepts.

Using the shape and motion of a conformal mapping torus, I want to introduce my own model to describe the theorized non-linear timeline, history and expansion of carbon-based consciousness and depict the proposed theory as a mapped-out 3D chart. With the help from the references presented in this writing, I hope to fulfill a better understand with these proposed ideas and theories addressed.


With the recent demonstration of Elon’s Musk’s brain computer company Neuralink, there have been many with different reactions to the future of BCIs or brain-controlled interfaces. Although watching the cute macaque, Pager, play pong with is mind, the introduction to the possibility of merging man with machine has become a topic of awe, speculation and concern among the general public.

A couple of years prior, July 2019, CNET produced a video with Musk’s progression announcement in regards of the latest development of the neuro-prosthetic company that also included short video clips of the surgical and electrode insertion process. I was completely fascinated by this and knew this day was coming, I could not help to have my mind race of the things that would unfold in the future with this new tech.

During the presentation there was a photo that showed the evolution of these BCI prototypes. There were four that were displayed each getting smaller and more sophisticated over the years of R&D. How we are told these chips work is that there are thousands of tiny electrodes inserted into a region of the brain in between clusters of neurons. These electrodes detect small electric pulses from the neurons that send data to an external interface that tracks the data. These machines translate the algorithms onto a screen showing thousands of crests and troughs.

Even though the BCIs are in the early stages the possibility of modifications is numerous. In 2014, Google and Innovega had a quick hype and burnout with their own head-mounted displays. The idea of a handsfree device was a widely exciting idea to the public but the idea was not honed enough to fully interest the public. A few years would have to pass until a more perfected apparatus emerged.

Over the past decade Samsung has been working on a new type of contact lenses that can monitor heartrate and some can even take pictures. In a 2019 Rob Waugh article from Yahoo news UK Samsung announced a patent on a smart contact lens. They use what they call photodiodes to display the image in the lens. Simple depictions like heartrate or blood pressure analysis can be emitted by the diodes giving a real time display. This collaboration of technologies raises many ethical questions that may be forced to the surface once it is perfected. What will this mean for humanity and the nature of consciousness?

As fascinating this may all seem a sliver of terror is put in the mix of emotions these developments probe. We all thought was so farfetched for something like this to happen. Isn’t this what we all wanted though? Looking back at the past decade people have violently stormed into Apple stores just to get a piece of overrated tech. We became hungry for the union of man and machine. The internet was created to help us and now I fear that we will become nothing but 0’s and 1’s on a hard drive. Big tech firms already classify us as their hashes for profit anyways.

Taking a few steps back regarding the previous statement, a vast majority of us would agree that tech addiction has tangibility. The moment we lose track of our phone we go into panic mode like a lab rat looking for its next drug fix. Our phones have become an appendage to our bodies, but as an anchor or as wings? These Neuralink chips would solve so many problems beyond measure! Instant thought maneuvered data across the networks will be a pivotal time in human history. As a gamer the technology would be thrilling to not have to rely on analog controls like our friend Pager. Imagine soldiers Neura-linked to their own personal drones on the battlefield with real time communications and biofeedback to HQ. One could assume that Musk may be planning to have people drive Teslas with their minds sooner than expected.

With the overwhelming advances of our race due to these technological milestones, I ask myself what does this do the overall psychology of man? What are the long-term effects of man’s ego and desires with this possible reality? We have always wanted more. Each time we succeed it seems like it is never enough after awhile and we get bored. Remember 3G cell service? We would not dare let our phones go back to such a primitive time. What is to say that we won’t continue with this possibility merging our bodies further into machine? At what point does the ratio of carbon-based consciousness get flipped by silicon-based nodes? In 2019, according to there were over 2 billion computers in the world and roughly 5 billion cellphones. What is the production rate of computers vs humans?

Now traditionally we have utilized timelines in a linear fashion mainly because of the simplicity and practicality. In this note I am going to propose a different method of tracking time by using what is called conformal mapping via horn torus. In his marvelous paper on Horn Tori, Wolfgang Däumler states in Section 7 Addendum 2, horn tori do not occur as figures in reality, regardless how you define reality. I would argue against that statement because we can see it’s footprint in nature. We can see the shape of the torus when we split an apple or a sunflower. Even the shape of the earth’s magnetic field takes on this form. In the beginning of its form is a single point that blossoms outward and back in on itself. With a plant, you have the seed/singularity and its growth is split as above so below with the ground splitting the hemispheres of direction. Simply put, there is a duality in the nature of observed reality. The crest and the trough of a wave function or energy signatures must have the up and the down. It's binary, but to even use the word truth to describe such logic, still has the limits of human language to adequately describe reality with mouth noises or symbols on a paper or screen.

This is only to represent the time passing for the history of carbon-based consciousness on Earth, not as a physical shape of the universe or actual motion of our planet through the cosmos


Let us consider S being the “start or singularity”. With the expansion of toroidal motion, we can use the movement to define time in this case. With the letter ‘P’ , we will identify Earth [or history] being the point in time as we follow the dynamics of this model and function.

Below is the model I created using the same fundamentals of the conformal mapping method. With the top hemisphere I describe the time being where organic consciousness “rules” the time of Earth before any kind of computer device or mention of artificial intelligence.

Looking in the 1st quadrant, following the motion of the time flow, our civilization evolves into higher advanced societies with the introduction to the internet and telecommunications. The red line in the middle is to represent the plane of consciousness dividing the time of reign for organic consciousness and AI, or the Merge.

The Merge is the moment when the ratio of humans not linked to a BCI, is flipped by the number of humans who are linked up. This event may seem like the pulled back tide before something unimaginable. The direction of the collective psyche of the race is at the cusp of some type of linguistic transition that cannot exactly be conceived of until it is beheld. What is the fate of the Earth once this occurs? A massive hack of egotistical malware could surgically strike a series of false info into the minds of the masses that is specifically directed to their interests or beliefs, as mentioned on the Shawn Ryan podcast with Mr. Webb. It is obvious that it has been going on for awhile, but the unknown dangers of mass, hyper directed propaganda to individuals could be bait to draw out the truly crazy ones for the Fed to hunt down and incarcerate. Is this being too cynical to even suggest? If we are to put all ideologies, prophecies, hopes or what-ifs aside on the matter and propose that if we are going to take this AI creation and run with it? Would it not be in our best interests to make sure ego could never be a factor in its cognitive dialogue? We, homo sapien sapien have this skin tag of a conscious derived appendage called ego. To eliminate the ego, is not a process that the normal citizen in Western culture is familiar with. However, at the universities that study machine learning protocol must ponder on these things when writing the bias involved with the philosophy of AI.

How would a programmer go about writing in the paragraphs of code that enables a sientient AI to experience ego loss in the way that humans have via psychedelics or other mystical events. Is it even possible to put the description and feelings of a DMT trip into the processor of Sophia the Robot? If an AI is to become truly conscious, these questions will eventually be asked by it. Ben Goertzel's brilliant mind has shared and discussed similar topics on many occasions. He once asked me in a reply on Youtube is what would Sophia see if she took the computer version of DMT? This answer is ineffable as what a human sees.

With questions being raised with whether or not a robot could experience such things as ego death or ontological mystical experience like a human could, it still remains a shrouded mystery with humanity. With a world culture that has suppressed consciousness expansion, is it responsible for us to create an intelligence that will be essentially our servant? The Merge of technology via BCIs, I believe will either show a surge in some sort of massive hivemind ego exertion or there may be the possibility of a collective unfolding of a new type of species entirely.

In the Kali Yuga age shown, the unknown future of the thousands of years that pass after this suggested theorized consciousness flip holds ambiguity of what humanity will look like or let alone, even be recognizable as traditionally anthropomorphic. Are we to travel to the stars in our flesh avatars or as streams of data at the speed of thought? The torus represents a sort of dualism that is essentially the shape of all events in space and time. As entropy folds in space and matter, multiple blackholes collided with their singularities eventually squeezing into one final singularity via loop quantum gravity and 'squirts' out a new fractal holographic universe with a different outcome than the previous reality. Realities with differences so minute as the election spin direction a crystal having one less atom in the next universe. Is consciousness derived from the here and now, which is a solipsistic view on eternity? Or is consciousness already an AI that believes it's flesh. Code is code, no matter the elemental host of consciousness is.

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