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       A thousand years after a planet experiences a magnetic polar shift that wipes out most of the surface dwellers, a Reptilian race merged with a remnant AI arises from the ashes of destruction. They quickly establish a malevolent reign over the remaining population. Dark years pass as the history is burned and rewritten to make any shred of the ancient golden age a faint memory.  A barrage of massive solar flares wipes out the remaining electronic infrastructure on the ground and in orbit. The systems shut down for years. Skirmishes across the globe result as rebel factions of the Elves grew in strength. As the Reptilians shift into their true form, they hunt down and farm remaining survivors for a chemical called 'adrenochrome', hoping one day their electronic deity comes back online.

        Billions of miles away, a lost planet knocked off course from a dark matter storm rapidly approaches the upside down world. A prince giant and his ill father's kingdom are desperate for resources as their atmosphere is burning up from gravity's pull. He keeps having dreams of a small creature of his likeness, trying to show him something, but wakes up before the revelation. As the window of time closes, the prince embarks on a reconnaissance mission to the watery planet, unbeknownst of the conflict.

         Deep underground, back on the broken world, by the faintest of chances, a flawed anti-hero, cursed with unearned wisdom, wakes out of cryosleep in an old research facility from an era long forgotten. Alone with amnesia, he must maintain his bearings and make it to the surface, for when he does, a whole new reality awaits him...

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"My name and body are borrowed. I am who I am."

Render to Marduk.

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Render the elf welder fuses components for his laser guantlet.

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